The Fastest Way to Register Attendees

As an event manager, one of your top priorities should be to establish a fast and easy registration process for your attendees. If you do not pay proper attention to these basic processes, prospective attendees may find it difficult to commit to your event. Nobody wants to become a victim of a cumbersome process after all – especially that almost everything is automated nowadays and event technologies are available like the event check-in app.

Here are three ways for you to register attendees in the fastest way possible using an event software:

  1. Allow online registrations through an event website.

The internet could be one of the most useful tools for registration. Gone are the days when event managers had to process all registrations offline. Today, if you have an event website, everyone would be able to see what your event is all about and can register from there. The real beauty of an event website lies in its 24/7 functionality. Even when you are sleeping – or anytime outside of office hours – your attendees would be able to register online. Websites are also easy to share via social media channels through link sharing.

  1. Use a registration and ticketing software.

A registration and ticketing software is a type of software that caters specifically to the registration process. It can be simply integrated to your event website so that you won’t have to use third-party applications. If you’re not using a software in your event website, for example, you may have to use elementary tools like SurveyMonkey to allow online registration. A software, on the other hand, takes care of all specific processes to registration – from filling out registration forms to accommodation of different payment platforms such as credit card payments and PayPal.

  1. Reach out to previous attendees via email.

Last but not the least, it is recommended that you reach out to your previous attendees for your upcoming events. If it is your habit to host well-organised events, you would have probably won regular customers. Previous attendees may also have high interest to come to your event – especially if they belong to a niche that your company is currently organising events for. Using an event management software, you can easily conduct an emailing campaign to previous attendee databases. Emailing can be done in a few clicks as the software automatically sends emails to any email database of your choosing.

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