Why You Should Shell Out Money for an Event Booking Software

According to an InGo blog post, about half of your revenues are contingent on the registration process. Given that your attendees are the lifeblood of any event, it makes sense that you should try to make registration easier and faster through event booking software. This comes with no question for many event organisers in fact as they continually invest in modern solutions to help them with event planning. One process that may be significantly improved is online event registration.

If you are still on the fence on how a particular software is going to help you with your events, here are 7 major points that you need to consider regarding the event registration software:

  1. An event online booking software can be bundled with a check-in app

An event online booking software database can be paired with a mobile solution for check-in. The check-in app will significantly reduce the amount of human traffic on the day of your event since guests can be allowed entry in as fast as two seconds. Since your attendees’ names are already logged through the event booking software, the app can simply verify the validity of their tickets or you can manually search for names on the guest list. If you are interested in mobile solutions, read more on the event planning app.

  1. An event management booking software accommodates VIPs

If you have a paid event, an event management booking software can easily allow attendees to register as VIPs. They may have to purchase VIP tickets which come at the highest price, but it would all be worth it for them since you’d be able to give them special treatment. For some events, VIPs do not necessarily have to buy tickets, they may be key people in your network whom you may invite for free. You can easily register their names into a VIP list through an event booking software.

  1. An event ticket booking software cuts down staff expenses

Without an event ticket booking software, you will need to hire more people to keep track of registrations and ticketing. If you are organising a big conference with a possible turnout of 1000 attendees, for example, imagine all the paperwork and manpower you’d need to manually file registrations. During the check-in process, paper guest lists or simple Excel spreadsheets may also suffer from human errors leading to delays in your event.

  1. An event booking software UK makes registration easier for returnees

An event booking software UK is beneficial if you are hosting several events in a year. If you have already established a reputable brand, it is likely that people will attend more than one of your events. This is where the role of an event booking software comes in. The software will practically let anyone who’s already registered before to simply log in and buy a new ticket. Using paper-based registration may be cumbersome when it comes to retrieving attendee files. Imagine the inconvenience of losing files and telling a return customer to re-do the overall registration process.

  1. An event booking software syncs with all connected devices

Most event registration software products are based on the cloud. This means that they are web-based and can be accessed anywhere if you are online. With this feature comes a convenient sync process that will allow you to enjoy the most updated data whichever device you are using. In the case of check-in apps, they can simply be synced to your database so that your staff will have access to the most current guest list on the day of your event.

  1. A event registration software helps you relax

As an event organiser, you may always get caught up in a web of frustration as you worry over every little detail of your event. An event booking software can help you in that aspect since it always gives you consistent and error-free results. This gives you peace of mind that the registration and check-in processes are taken cared of by a highly reliable system. Instead of you thinking about the number of guests already registered and if they have already received emails leading to the event, you can sit back and relax knowing the software takes care of everything for you.

  1. An event software can be used with other solutions

Last but not the least, event booking software usually come under an entire umbrella of event management software products. You may simply ask your provider if they can integrate other solutions as well such as creating your event website and the delegate mobile app. If you do your research well, you should be able to find providers that specialize in all aspects of event planning. Knowing that your attendees are registered and checked in efficiently may not be enough to provide a wonderful customer experience. You may also want to consider other products such as a mobile event app to give your attendees a more interactive experience during your events.

To know more how technology can help you as an event organiser, do further research on event planning software.

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